concerts/shows/events list
a list of things i've been to that i've remembered to save ticket stubs for. alas, many are gone to the winds of time.

above & beyond (bill graham civic auditorium, san francisco, 2018/03/02)
U2, the joshua tree tour (levi's stadium, santa clara, 2017/05/17)
above & beyond (bill graham civic auditorium, san francisco, 2015/03/14)
tim minchin (nourse theater, san francisco, 2015/01/25)
mary lambert (nourse theater, san francisco, 2014/09/27)
nick cave & the bad seeds (the warfield, san francisco, 2014/07/07)
the book of mormon (orpheum theatre, san francisco, 2014/01/03)
maestro of the movies (davies symphony hall, san francisco, 2013/09/16)
matrix in concert (davies symphony hall, san francisco, 2013/07/27)
david byrne & st. vincent (fox theater, oakland, 2013/07/21)
bjork (craneway pavilion, richmond, 2013/05/25)
dead can dance (davies symphony hall, san francisco, 2013/04/15)
eddie izzard (work in progress) (brava theater center, san francisco, 2013/01/19)
amon tobin (greek theatre, berkeley, 2012/10/05)
peter gabriel (back to front) (hp pavilion, san jose, 2012/10/02)
tenacious d (fox theater, oakland, 2012/05/24)
they might be giants (the fillmore, san francisco, 2011/11/13)
shpongle (live) (fox theater, oakland, 2011/10/29)
amon tobin (the warfield, san francisco, 2011/10/01)
bela fleck & the flecktones (fox theatre, oakland, 2010/12/16)
thievery corporation / massive attack (greek theatre, berkeley, 2010/11/06)
treasure island music festival (die antwoord, !!!, four tet, kruder & dorfmeister, deadmau5) (treasure island, san francisco, 2010/10/16)
poi dog pondering (slim's, san francisco, 2009/12/04)
they might be giants (the fillmore, san francisco, 2009/11/13)
underworld (fox theatre, oakland, 2009/08/07)
nick cave & the bad seeds (the warfield, san francisco, 2008/09/19)
juno reactor (the independent, san francisco, 2008/09/23)
eddie izzard (stripped) (orpheum theatre, san francisco, 2008/07/19)
poi dog pondering (slim's, san francisco, 2008/05/10)
underworld w/paul oakenfold (the warfield, san francisco, 2007/09/07)
dave matthews band (concert for bay area charities) (polo fields, golden gate park, san francisco, 2004/09/12)
sky is falling, with robert rich (morrison planetarium, san francisco, 2003/05/04)
tantra new years eve (somarts gallery, san francisco, 2002/12/31)
cirque du soleil (zumanity) (las vegas, 2002/06/09)
rusted root (the fillmore, san francisco, 2002/05/23)
noam chomsky (zellerbach hall, berkeley, 2002/03/20)
sleater-kinney (great american music hall, san francisco, 2002/01/16)
tannahill weavers (freight & salvage, berkeley, 2001/10/24)
dougie maclean (saint johns presbyterian church, berkeley, 2001/10/21)
poi dog pondering (the fillmore, san francisco, 2001/09/29)
melon (red melon records) (dna lounge, san francisco, 2001/09/02)
fool moon (the geary theatre, san francisco, 2001/07/21)
sweeney todd (davies symphony hall, san francisco, 2001/07/20)
ani difranco (greek theatre, berkeley, 2001/07/06)
smuin ballet's dancin' with gershwin (2001/05/17)
poi dog pondering (the fillmore, san francisco, 2001/04/21)
the color deaf (csd, fremont, 2000/11/17)
the beautiful south (the fillmore, san francisco, 2000/10/27)
les brown and his band of renown (uss hornet, alameda, 2000/07/22)
eddie izzard (circle) (curran theatre, san francisco, 2000/06/07)
poi dog pondering (slim's, san francisco, 2000/05/26)
poi dog pondering (slim's, san francisco, 2000/05/25)
ute lemper (davies symphony hall, san francisco, 2000/04/13)
cirque du soleil (dralion) (san francisco, 2000/03/25)
2 pianos, 4 hands (the geary theatre, san francisco, 2000/03/14)
stomp (flint center, cupertino, 2000/02/22)
squeeze (the fillmore, san francisco, 1999/02/14)
let my enemy (eureka theatre, san francisco, 1999/02/12)
diana krall trio (yoshi's at jack london square, oakland, 1998/12/29)
lavay smith and her red hot skillet lickers & steve lucky and the rhumba bums (the inferno lounge, san francisco, 1998/10/04)
johnny nocturne (kimball's east, emeryville, 1998/09/27)
alien fashion show (kimball's east, emeryville, 1998/09/26)
hot club of s.f. (kimball's east, emeryville, 1998/09/25)
nick cave & the bad seeds (the warfield, san francisco, 1998/09/17)
they might be giants (1998/09/10)
i.r.s. - i want you (central works theatre ensemble, santa fe bar & grill, berkeley, 1998/08/15)
lionel hampton (kimball's east, emeryville, 1998/08/09)
swingin' on the bay (u.s.s. jeremiah o'brien, san francisco, 1998/07/04)
guinness fleadh (chumba wumba, tracy chapman, X, others) (spartan stadium fields, san jose, 1998/06/28)
carmen (war memorial opera house, san francisco, 1998/06/20)
san francisco giants vs. cincinatti reds (3com park, san francisco, 1998/06/02)
glenn tilbrook (great american music hall, san francisco, 1997/10/06)
shawn colvin (greek theatre, berkeley, 1997/08/31)
indigo girls (greek theatre, berkeley, 1997/07/02)
U2 (popmart) (oakland stadium, oakland, 1997/06/18)
royal crowne revue (the fillmore, san francisco, 1997/05/24)
interdisciplinary studies commencement (u.c. berkeley zellerbach auditorium, 1997/05/22)
creation salutes star trek community center exhibit hall, sacramento, 1997/01/25)
steve martin "picasso at the lapin agile" (theatre on the square, san francisco, 1997/01/14)
mark morris "the hard nut" (zellerbach hall, berkeley, 1996/12/19)
medea the musical (stage door theatre, san francisco, 1996/12/14)
david wilcox (still the american one) (great american music hall, san francisco, 1996/11/24)
they might be giants (the warfield, san francisco, 1996/11/20)
the wedding present (slim's, san francisco, 1996/11/11)
the milkman's other kids (zellerbach room 7, berkeley, 1996/11/09)
the day room (zellerbach room 7, berkeley, 1996/11/09)
barenaked ladies (the warfield, san francisco, 1996/08/22)
medea the musical (stage door theatre, san francisco, 1996/08/21)
the golden era (berkeley city club, 1996/07/12-08/11?)
jewel (slim's, san francisco, 1996/02/27)
lisa gerrard (palace of fine arts, san francisco, 1995/10/24)
they might be giants (the fillmore, san francisco, 1994/05/18)
dalai lama (ucb, berkeley, 1994/04/20)
the pogues (the warfield, san francisco, 1994/03/28)
uncle vanya (marines memorial theatre, san francisco, 1994/01/30)
garrison keillor (nob hill masonic, san francisco, 1993/11/11)
johnny clegg and savuka (328 performance hall, nashville, 1993/07/18)
B-52's w/violent femmes (starwood amphitheatre, nashville, 1992/10/04)
they might be giants (328 performance hall, nashville, 1992/09/30)
bela fleck and the flecktones (langford auditorium, nashville, 1992/09/25)
cirque du soleil (san francisco, 1992/08/14)
the chieftains (tpac, nashville, 1992/03/08)
buddy (the musical) (tpac, nashville, 1992/02/23)
bards of a feather (langford auditorium, nashville, 1991/10/03)
sting w/squeeze (starwood amphitheatre, nashville, 1991/09/25)
paul simon (starwood amphitheatre, nashville, 1991/09/15)
turtle island string quartet (sarratt cinema, nashville, 1991/08/03)
david wilcox (the american one) (bluebird cafe, nashville, 1991/07/23)
the replacements (328 performance hall, nashville, 1991/05/13)
mummenschanz (langford auditorium, nashville, 1991/04/19)
garrison keillor (tpac, nashville, 1991/04/13)
bulgarian state female vocal choir (langford auditorium, nashville, 1991/03/28)
the mask man (nashville, 1991/03/09)
michael hedges (langford auditorium, nashville, 1990/11/15)
johnny clegg (328 performance hall, nashville, 1990/10/27)
thistle and shamrock (tpac, nashville, 1990/09/16)
steve miller w/lou gramm (starwood amphitheatre, nashville, 1990/07/06)
into the woods (tpac, nashville, 1989/09/23)
the grateful dead (kfec, kentucky, 1989/04/09)
the bangles (starwood amphitheatre, nashville, 1987/06/13)

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